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Consult the experts for independent utility advice!!! Save Time
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Reduce Your Gas & Electricity Bills
Consult the experts for independent utility advice!!! Save Time
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Reduce Mobile Telephone Costs For Business
Consult the experts for independent utility advice!!! Save Time
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Welcome To Businessutilitybroker.ie
Consult the expert for Independent Utility advice

Research Shows 9 out 10 Business Loses Money On Electricity, Gas, Phone, Mobile, Chip & Pin Machines
That’s a quite shocking Statistic
Here are top 3 Reasons

  • Complex Tariffs
  • Number of Suppliers
  • Time Effort & Resources Needed To Research The Market

What If There was a FREE Service that took the hassle out by connecting with the major Suppliers & Served as One Stop Shop For All Business Utilities.
Businessutilitybroker.ie just does that


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By using the FREE and impartial services of Billsave.biz,
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Save In 3 Simple Steps:

You Provide Us With Copy Of Your Invoice

We Get Back To You With A FREE Analysis

You Decide Without Any Obligation

NO FEE…..NO Commitments

What our Clients say about us

  • Sultan and his team at businessutilitybroker.ie has helped to reduce our company’s overheads over the last number of years. He has also advised a number of members of our staff on personal finance matters and provided appropriate solutions to their needs.
    He is very professional, a pleasure to deal with and I would highly recommend him as a consultant to any business.

    Mark Carton

    Corporate Controller at Vanderbilt Industries
  • Businessutilitybroker.ie has been a great help in keeping my heat and light cost in check. The service provided comes with a review every year which is great value addition. Would highly recommend him to any business to speak to him.

    Dermot Ricardson

    Director Tallaght Adventure World
  • Businessutilitybroker.ie will save your business money with cost effective solution

    Padraig Creighton

    Operations Manager at DPS Rockpak
  • Sultan has worked with me in order to get both my personal and business finances on the right track. At all times, he has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. He is so informative, with a huge wealth of knowledge in his particular field. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him

    Betty Dunne

    Partner at Office Supplies 4U
  • Sultan is an excellent Professional in all he does, A person of great integrity and always willing to go the extra mile: In a nut shell ” A man worth doing business with, every time.

    Kevin Kinahan

    Specialist In Outplacement, Changing Thinking, Personal Development, Hyponosis, Time Line Thearpy, Thought Field Therapy

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