As the slogan goes every little helps, it is certainly true when it comes to the above scheme introduced by CRU (Commission For Regulation Of Utilities) for SME’s Sector majority of which is closed due to Covid-19. It is indeed welcome news,  the aim of the scheme is to help SMEs to manage costs in relation to their energy as a result of temporary closure due to Covid-19. Once approved the SME’s will have no energy or network charges billed during the duration of the scheme. Any residual usage will be billed after the suspension period. The scheme was introudced by CRU on 1st May and will run from 1st May-31st July 2020.

How to Apply

The customers who wish to apply contact directly to their suppliers to go through a simple application form which is then sent by the suppliers to ESB and Gas Networks. Any electricity business customer that meets all of the following criteria is eligible to apply for a Covid-19 Supply Suspension:

       •        the customer is not an essential service provider, as defined by the Government in the context of Covid-19; and

     •     the customer’s premises has been closed as a result of the Covid-19 restrictions and will remain closed for a continuous period to the relevant period when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted

  •      the suspension cannot be backdated and can be applied from the submitted date

 Last few words

This will benefit all the businesses but specially bigger user of electricity and gas like hotels, restaurants, pubs. Please, contact your supplier or feel free to contact us at www.businessutilitybroker.ie if you need any assistance.

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